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Safeway 5kg En3 Fire Extinguisher Colour Code For Gasoline Class B Fires
  • Safeway 5kg En3 Fire Extinguisher Colour Code For Gasoline Class B Fires

Safeway 5kg En3 Fire Extinguisher Colour Code For Gasoline Class B Fires

Place of Origin China
Brand Name Safeway Fire
Certification normal
Model Number SWCO-05
Product Details
Item No.:
Cylinder Height:
Gross Weight:
Test Pressure:
High Light: 

5kg En3 Fire Extinguisher


SWCO-05 CO2 Fire Extinguisher


167Bar En3 Fire Extinguisher

Product Description

5KG Hot Sale CO2 fire extinguisher for fighting fire





All Amerex extinguishers are furnished with a detailed “Owners Manual” containing valuable information. The manual contains information on the installation, use and maintenance of the extinguisher. The extinguisher nameplate (label) contains specific information on “HOW TO USE” the particular extinguisher.

CARBON DIOXIDE is discharged as a white cloud of “snow” which smothers a fire by eliminating oxygen. It is effective for Class B flammable liquids and is electrically non-conductive. Carbon Dioxide is a clean, non-contaminating, odorless gas.

Designed for Class B fires Flammable Liquids & Gases such as gasoline, oils, paint lacquer and tar or Class C fires involving live electrical equipment






CO2 fire extinguishers should be standard issue for premises with live electrical fire risk, such as: • Offices
• Shops
• Schools
• Hospitals


CO2 fire extinguishers are particularly suitable for offices where there is a lot of electrical office equipment. Pairs of CO2 and Foam extinguishers are often recommended for this kind of internal environment, as this covers the vast majority of fire risks likely to be found.






Item No. SWCO-02 SWCO-03 SWCO-04 SWCO-05 SWCO-06 SWCO-07 SWCO-09
Capacity 2KG 3KG 4KG 5KG 6KG 7KG 9KG
Out-Dia 114mm 114mm 152mm 152mm 152mm 152mm 152mm
Cylinder Height 415mm 585mm 515mm 560mm 660mm 750mm 940mm
Temperature Range -30℃~+55℃ -30℃~+55℃ -30℃~+55℃ -30℃~+55℃ -30℃~+55℃ -30℃~+55℃ -30℃~+55℃
MAX W.P. 167Bar 167Bar 167Bar 167Bar 167Bar 167Bar 167Bar
Test Pressure 250Bar 250Bar 250Bar 250Bar 250Bar 250Bar 250Bar
Material CK45 CK45 CK45 CK45 CK45 CK45 CK45
Carton Size 15*12.5*55cm/pc 15*12.5*71cm/pc 20*17*63cm/pc 20*17*68cm/pc 20*17*87cm/pc 20*17*87cm/pc 20*17*87cm
Gross Weight 7.5KG 9.5KG 16.5KG 17.5KG 19.65KG 22.5KG 30KG





Carbon dioxide cuts the oxygen supply off and brings down the fire’s temperature with its cold presence. Once the carbon dioxide gas has extinguished the fire, it’ll dissipate into the atmosphere without leaving a single trace.


No reside normally means no damage. This is a very significant advantage for expensive electronic equipment, versus using a usual ABC fire extinguisher, which uses a powder that could be corrosive.

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